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MicroStaffer - Medical Staffing Software

Medical Staffing Software - Ticklers

MicroStaffer contains numerous tickers that alert your staffing coordinators to important events such as scheduling conflicts, double-bookings, credential expirations and even upcoming birthdays for your staff.  Bonuses, vacations and overtime ticklers can also be configured and serve as a valuable tool to avoid scheduling errors.

Here are just few of the ticker enabled functions:
  • Tickelers that warn of coming expirations for Licenses, Certifications and other credentials.
  • Double-booking and both daily and weekly overtime warnings.
  • Bonus pay and referral pay alerts.
  • Warnings when someone is not allowed to work at a specific client (DNR).
  • User defined ticklers.
You can print, e-mail and even send text messages when ticklers come up.
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