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Prophecy Clinical Assessments

Clinical Assessments by Prophecy, formerly known as NurseTesting.com, encompass a comprehensive exam and assessments library.

Prophecy is the leader in online Clinical Assessments and offers Caregiver Assessments for Clinical, Behavioural, Situational, Allied, OSHA AND Joint Commission Mandatories and Checklists.

The seamless and comprehensive integration of Prophecy with MicroStaffer allows you to create and manage Caregiver Records, Send out Online Assessment requests and track their status, assign MicroStaffer users to Prophecy user accounts, view and save as PDF any completed online assessments and of course tie all the assessments into the MicroStaffer credentialing profile.

Assessment Validation

Medical Agencies face a daunting task during the applicant screening and hiring process when it comes to selection procedures and assessment testing.
Prophecy is the number one and best choice when it comes to providing a comprehensive solution to your pre-employment screening.
Prophecy is compliant with the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978).
These require validity and reliability methodologies and measurements be used to substantiate the use of such selection procedures.

All of Prophecy’s Clinical Assessments are put through a formal validation process and are EEOC compliant.
This protects their use as part of making important career and employment-related decision.

Seamless and comprehensive direct integration into MicroStaffer that allows for Caregiver creation, Assesment sending and viewing, User assignments and of course complete integration of all Assessments into the MicroStaffer caregiver Credentials Profile.

Please call for more information and a demonstration of the awesome power of Prophecy Assessment Online Testing integration in MicroStaffer.
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